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My Vendor/Client is Happy, Happy, Happy

G. G.Park on 5th Nov 2015

Alan is vendor/client of mine who does tons of extra favors for me throughout the year. Consequently, around Thanksgiving, as a "thanks" for all he does, I usually send him toffee from a place in Colorado because Alan is definitely a toffee connoisseur and I want him to have the best. However, this year, I remembered getting toffee a few years ago from one of my clients from a place in Texas, so I thought I'd send something different. I called that client to see where that toffee came from, and this year sent Alan a 1 1/2 lb. tin from The Toffee Company. Alan called to let me know it is definitely the best toffee ever (superior to the toffee he usually gets from me from Colorado), and he has sent two different follow-up e-mails mentioning the toffee again. The Toffee Company definitely helped me knock a home run with one of my best vendors and client. I highly recommend this product. And, now I'm thinking I may need to try this myself.


Theresa on 4th Feb 2015

Though I think $14 for delivery is too much, the toffee is amazing. Best we've ever bought. Looking fwd to Houston Rodeo when we can buy more and not have to pay for the shipping.

Yummy Toffee

Kathy Nix on 2nd Feb 2015

This is the BEST toffee EVER!!!! Nothing comes close to this. The taste is unbelievable. Would recommend it to anyone. Will definitely order again. This is my second order already.

A Ride down memory lane

22nd Jan 2015

Years ago I was given your toffee by the pastor I worked for. Every year we would look forward to receiving our tin. It has been at least 10 years. The other day I was talking to someone I used to work with and asked her if she knew where I could get it. Imagine my relief when I found your website The very best toffee I have ever eaten!

Great Toffee!

Deryl Hoodenpyle on 2nd Jan 2015

Used to get it as a gift, now we buy on our own!!

forget the sugar plums

Penny Mahon on 25th Dec 2014

Forget the visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, I'll take toffee melting in my mouth any day. This toffee is the best ever! It will definitely become part of my Christmas tradition.

Excellent gift, third year in a row!

21st Dec 2014

Top notch! A real holiday treat!


Nancy on 28th Nov 2014

A client brought us this toffee last Christmas, 2013. It is a gift she gives out often, she loves it. We were all addicted on the first bite! It is delicious! It makes a wonderful gift to give and to mail. The tin will stay fresh through the holiday season.