our-gits-2.jpgOur ruby red tin with an embossed gold seal and our forest green tin also with the gold seal are available throughout the year. The Toffee is nestled inside wrapped in a gold mylar blanket. They make attractive gifts.

Since much of our business comes at Christmas time we offer two additional tins with holiday scenes during that period. One is the same size as the forest green tin and the other one is larger than the red tin.

We do our packaging so the spirit of any special event, be it Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas, a birthday or anniversary, is highlighted. For example, the Valentines Day card enclosed with the tin has a red heart and the words "Happy Valentines Day" printed in red.

Likewise the Christmas card is a bundle of bright colored packages and of course birthdays and anniversaries are dealt with in a similar way. Sometimes we have special requests and we do our best to accomadate those orders.

Our clients have been the ones to suggest some of our packaging. For example, the Walkaround was named by our clients at the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo.

The toffee has a remarkable shelf life and this is due in large part to it being in tins that are air tight. Many of our clients tell us they like the tin or basket for storage or display after the Toffee is all gone. A great gift and a reusable container to boot. What more could you want? Maybe more Toffee!

With the introduction of our Toffee on the web we may find there is demand for Texas size containers. What is Texas size? Well, you know that everything in Texas is big! Lets say the taste is the big thing here and the joy you experience when you receive some as a gift or purchase it for yourself. Many of our customers tell us they hide it so it lasts longer. Don't do that, order more! So, for any occasion give the gift of our delicious Texas Pecan Toffee. You will not only love it, you will thank us for it.